How Your Business Can Make the Most Out of Facebook

Facebook activity has increased regularly, to the point where people use it just about every day. At the end of 2015, Facebook had over 1.5 billion monthly users. Amongst smartphone users, the average amount of time spent on Facebook is one out of every five minutes. With so many things to do on Facebook, it’s not a surprise that there are people who spend the whole day just browsing their news feed. After all, it’s free!

As a business owner, it’s important that you know how to properly use Facebook to your own advantage. Because Facebook has a huge number of users, you can easily get your message or product across without spending too much money. For the most part, Facebook is an effective marketing tool for your business. If you already have a Facebook page for your business, it’s time you put it to good use. Here are 10 tips that will help your business make the most out of your time on Facebook:

Separate Your Personal and Business Account

One of the first things you should know about using Facebook for your business is how to separate the things you post on your personal account from your business page. When you post the right things on your Facebook page, you appear professional and serious about your business and what you’re trying to promote. Avoid posting something that you wouldn’t want your suppliers, customers, or co-workers to see on your business account. Apart from looking unprofessional, this can turn off potential customers from following your page.

At the Same Time, Be Friendly

While you shouldn’t post personal information on Facebook, you should practice being friendly with all who send you a friend request. For your business, the goal is to gain as many followers as you can. Just remember that when you’re approving friend requests, they should be from real people and not fake accounts.

Be Careful with Your Tags

A common mistake of business owners on Facebook is that they tend to abuse the tag button. Users don’t like seeing a tagged notification on a post they are not even part of, or have shown no interest in. While it does get their attention, it also puts them off. You should only tag people in your photos or posts if they are interested in the products you are offering.

Do the Opposite with Likes

While it’s important that you don’t go overboard with the tags, liking posts is a different story. When you like a post, Facebook sends a notification to your friend. And the more posts you like, the more curious they will be as to who is giving them a like. At the same time, Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that when you don’t like a person’s posts, it will stop showing them to you. This is why you should be generous with your likes.

Don’t Ignore Your Comments

One way you can build your brand is to engage in discussion with your friends/followers. And when someone leaves a comment on your post, it means that they took the time to do so. In response to this, you should acknowledge their comment by giving it a like. This builds interaction and lets them know you appreciate their thoughts.

Use a Photo When Posting

According to studies, picture posts tend to get more attention from users compared to text-only posts. This is a great way for you to get your message out to your users, even if you are just sending out a holiday greeting. At the same time, Facebook promotes picture posts more than text-only posts.

Remember to Greet Your Friends

Another way you can increase your followers is to spend some time sending out a Happy Birthday greeting. Think of it as a daily task that you do first thing in the morning. This helps you increase interaction with your followers and let them see you as someone who’s taking the time to know them.

Secure Your Account

Remember that when all of your posts are publicly available, you should also set a setting for the things your friends post on your wall. You can turn on the option of approving tags before they appear on your timeline. This way, you can filter out other people’s posts that are not good for your business page.

Be Interesting with Your Posts

The things you post on Facebook should be informative and interesting. Avoid trying to push your products to your customers as this is a big turn off. Get creative with how you post things on your page. Carefully think about each post you make so you can build your brand and increase your interaction with your followers. This also helps your friends stay interested and looking forward to your next posts.

Post at the Right Time

With Facebook, you have to remember that you should post business-related posts at the right time. The best time to do it is to post things during the late afternoon and early evening on weekdays. On weekends, you can post in the mid-afternoon. Timing your posts can help you ensure that your followers see them. Otherwise, they’ll end up on the bottom of their news feed and they’ll be too tired to scroll all the way down there.

These 10 tips can help make your business’ Facebook page earn more likes, comments and shares. At the same time, you’ll be able to make good use of Facebook to reach your customers without paying for anything.

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How to Keep Mobile Shoppers Loyal

Mobile shoppers have many desirable and distinct traits, however commitment is not always one of them. How do you keep mobile shoppers loyal when there’s so much competition out there in the “cyber” world? The following tips might help you get a return click.

1. Be Mobile-Friendly- Customer loyalty lies largely in whether or not the customer feels doing business with you is convenient and of value. If your mobile website is not user-friendly your visitors will likely take their search somewhere else next time.

2. Lack of Customer Service- Are you hiding behind the laptop screen? If your business takes place on the internet and your consumer interactions are few, you’ll need to work twice as hard to build brand interest and also to maintain relationships. Ease of contact and prompt replies are necessary not only for local businesses, but internet companies as well.

3. Be Competitive-
With the endless supply of resources available on the world wide web, your customers have the upper-hand when it comes to making the sale. If your products are not priced competitively you run the risk of losing repeat customers.

4. Know Your Customer-
If you want to keep mobile shoppers loyal you have to have a keen sense of what they’re looking for. Staying on top of their interests through polls, surveys, special events and mailings will help you develop a more personal relationship with your shopper so that you can meet their future needs.

5. Increase Search Results-
Your mobile site needs to keep growing if you want to thrive. In addition to social media posts that highlight company products, news, sales, specials, etc., you’ll want to start a blog that keeps your brand prominent in search results. Weekly blog postings help search crawlers find you, so they can direct new and return customers right through your door. Your blog should be informative and engaging, and highlight your area of sales or expertise. Not only do blogs provide entertainment and value to new visitors, they attract loyal mobile shoppers who want to stay on top of the news from their favorite brands. After all, they’re loyal. Right?