Growing your business starts with knowing
where you are and where you’re going.
The best way to track your website and product
growth is with gotcha!Analytics™.

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Analytics = Power
Conversions = ROI

What makes gotcha!Analytics™ unique is its ability to track conversions. Examine your website activity in one place. You can then see the results that drive sales.

gotcha!Analytics Reporting

A comprehensive
performance analysis
of your website.

Other solutions make your website and online campaigns complex and exhausting. gotcha!Analytics™ provides you
with easy-to-read performance indicators so you know
what is working and can make adjustments on what
needs improvement.

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gotcha! Product Conversions

gotcha! is an expert at creating massive increases in traffic. If you have one or several of our products, then you’ll be eager to see how your business has evolved.

Dallas Keyword Tracking
Ranking Factors

There are many ways that potential clients can find your business. Knowing how each client is performing lets you quickly identify ways to build your exposure and understand where and how people discover your company.

Basic Conversions

Your website has several meaningful ways for visitors to interact with your business. Knowing how each is used lets you measure and adjust your audience’s experience with your website.

Age Groups@2x
Detailed Breakdowns

Find out what audience your business is attracting online to further improve your online experience and further expand or focus on your business’s most valuable customer base.

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