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Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not you need a social media calendar. After all, does anybody really “like” planning and organizing posts? I certainly don’t. But I also know how busy I am. And sometimes that business gets in the way of implementing an optimum social media strategy. Here’s how you can stay on top of your social engagements each and every week. In other words, why you need a social media calendar.

1. Point of Reference- The best part about having a calendar is the fact that you can look back upon it as a guide. For example, which posts and during what time of day were they the most effective? Having a physical point of reference is helpful in creating content that has already proven to be well-liked by your audience.

2. Content Strategy- Once you’ve determined which posts have been most successful, you can create more content that drives engagement from your readers. You might be surprised which of your posts become the most shared and popular. Social insights will help you gauge your audience better so that you can keep serving up content that people enjoy.

3. Consistency- Consistency is key in any business strategy. You need a social media calendar to ensure all of your social channels are getting equal attention. Don’t be playing favorites on Twitter and neglecting Facebook, or vice versa. A calendar tracks and plans all activity across the board so that your efforts are widespread and diversified.

4.Cut the Crap- Social media calendars also help you avoid poorly-written content. How so? Not every writer can whip something up that’s worthy of a read in such a short amount of time. If you allow time for proper research, you’ll have an article that’s more informative, factual, and engaging.

Deadlines, content ideas, and a social media calendar are the breadth of a writer, with the exception of those few who break the rules(and you know who you are).


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