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Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Startups Make

Entrepreneurs often make mishaps that can greatly hinder their company’s growth. Avoid the following top 5 digital marketing mistakes if you want your strategy (and business) to be a success.

1. Misunderstanding Your Audience- A common mistake, the failure to pinpoint and focus on your target audience means your marketing plans will be ineffective. What a waste of time! Get to know the people who follow your brand so that you can anticipate their needs, and deliver.

2. Lack of Content- Posting away on social channels is not the way to convert your followers into consumers. While photos and videos can garner some likes, you need to publish and share content that relates to them so that you can develop long-term relationships.

3. Lack of Budget- Unless you’ve got an open pocketbook, poor budgeting can lead to the demise of any business. Evaluate who you are paying to help you reach your business goals. Whether it be internal employees or external marketing agencies, failure to evaluate results and modify can cost you your startup.

4. Forgetting Mobile- Don’t you dare start any business with the idea that you can ignore a mobile strategy. Mobile users exceed desktop users. You’ll need a responsive website that visitors can easily navigate through all of the mobile devices. Mobile and digital marketing go hand in hand.

5. Too Social- Are you being too social? When you’re planning your social media strategy, narrow your focus to just a few platforms. If you’re bouncing from Instagram to Pinterest to Twitter and then Facebook, you’re spending a lot of time (or money) and likely failing to deliver quality and relevant content on each. Pick a few ponies.

Starting a new business takes much consideration. Once you understand where to focus your digital marketing efforts by avoiding these top 5 mistakes, you’ll set yourself up for growth and expansion.


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