Want To Take Your PPC Advertising To The Next Level?

Want To Take Your PPC Advertising To The Next Level?

Comprehensive Keyword Management: The absolute center of every PPC campaign is keywords. We’ll start this section by correlating keywords to the buying funnel and examining the user intent. While keywords are the lifeblood of PPC, perfecting your match types usage while controlling your negative keywords can drastically increase your overall revenue. We will cover how to organize your account based upon match types, positive, and negative keywords.

Writing Compelling Ads: Your first impression is your ad. Discover the most important ad creation elements and craft ads based upon the buying funnel. To spice up your ads, you need to utilize ad extensions and we will cover them in-depth.

Create Ad Testing Framework: Testing ads is essential to any AdWords account’s success. You will take away ideas for ads to test, understand the success metrics for ad testing, and be able to create an ad testing framework for your organization.

Demystifying Quality Score: Quality Score has a larger effect on your account’s visibility than any other setting inside of AdWords. Quality Score can be a challenge to increase. Receive step-by-step instructions in how to prioritize Quality Score improvement, and what actions to take to increase your Quality Scores.

Increase Your Conversions with Remarketing: Most users do not convert on their first visit. Learn how to use remarketing to bring the unconverted back to your site and increase your total sales.

Account Automation: No one has enough time to manage every single aspect of AdWords. In this section, we will look at how to create automated bid rules, schedule promotions, and give you other ideas for saving you time by automating aspects of your account.

Increase Your Landing Page Conversions: The first impression to a potential customer is the landing page. With only a few seconds to engage the buyer this may be more important in your conversion funnel than anything else. This section of the course will not only go into best practices and usability, but how to test landing pages in a simple and effective method.

Open Q&A: You will have the opportunity to ask questions as we go throughout the agenda during the day; and we will end the day with an open Q&A session so you can make sure your specific questions are answered.

Networking Opportunities: Conferences are fantastic places to network and meet fellow practitioners of online marketing. Lunch will be provided so you can spend time getting to know your fellow attendees.


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