Key Features of the Elegant & Powerful Galaxy S8+

Key Features of the Elegant & Powerful Galaxy S8+

Samsung has released the new Galaxy S8+ featuring a design based on premium-quality metal and glass. The curved smartphone is comes with a more powerful camera and a faster processor. With its new flagship phone, the Korean phone maker has just set the bar higher for the competition. Exceptionally long battery life is one of its most stunning features.

Its predecessor was an exceptionally elegant and powerful device. Overall, Samsung has been leading from the front in all aspects of design. With Samsung breaking new records in the design arena, Apple is poised to come with a new design for its iPhone 8 to put a good competitor across the field.

There are many other players in the segment offering a wide range of options. The LG G6 is already creating ripples with its high-value-for-money package. Things are set to become even hotter with HTC and OnePlus also gearing up for their new phone releases.

Until some groundbreaking device comes across the horizon, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will remain the kings in the premium smartphone segment.

Some of the key features of the Galaxy S8+ are as following:

Sound quality has received significant boost and playing both audio and video files can be a treat. You can charge up high-quality ringtones from here and find big difference between Galaxy S8-Plus’s performance and that of other high-end devices from the competition.

The 3,500 mAh Li-Po battery is among its main highlights. It features Adaptive Fast Charging from its predecessor, wireless charging and QuickCharge 2.0. Some of the other features that give the Galaxy S8+ an edge include iris recognition, fingerprint reader, and face recognition.

An exceptionally powerful and feature-loaded device, the Galaxy S8+ has really taken things to the stratosphere in both configuration and design. The competition will have to work harder to fly higher.

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