#445. How Content Marketing Is Changing. With Sonia Simone. - Andy Paul | Strategies to Power Growth

#445. How Content Marketing Is Changing. With Sonia Simone. - Andy Paul | Strategies to Power Growth

Sonia Simone,Chief Content Officer at CopyBlogger Media, LLC, joins me on this episode of #Accelerate!

[1:40] Copyblogger is part of Rainmaker Digital. Sonia helps determine editorial content direction on Copyblogger, some of which she creates. She is the lead ‘word-put-togetherer.’

[2:46] Content marketing is a reality of the web, as people keep finding more bright and shiny objects to see. You have to continually add content to make yourself the most interesting thing in their field of vision, and worth their time.

[4:46] SMBs are still hesitating to create content. Sonia has an idea why. But some smaller organizations are realizing that by grabbing the opportunity, they give themselves a real competitive advantage.

[6:17] Companies are finding that a content marketing role is mission-critical to succeed and compete today. Dollars can be shifted from phone directory and other advertising. SEO professionals can help get them up to speed.

[8:11] Business owners need to start thinking like CMOs. Cash flow and customer acquisition need to be top priorities. Content marketing help with both. A blog is a good start, but consider video, and even podcasting.

[11:43] It’s not enough to be useful. Content needs a personal voice that engages attention. Content should have ‘art.’

[13:57] Make your advertising, or content, too valuable to throw away.

[16:48] Selling, marketing, and content all require art, “an expression that can’t be made with an algorithm.” An organization can see which sales professionals are performing, and which are not. The human element connects.

[19:08] We think that data drives us to make objective decisions, but that’s only true if we understand the data fully.

[21:19] Entrepreneurs and small companies boldly embrace the art of content marketing. Larger companies become less courageous as they grow, and tend to be less responsive. Think of yourself as small, lean, and fast.

[25:11] Constant learning keeps any job exciting. The objective of making 100 contacts per day eliminates the opportunity to research any of them to make an effective contact.

[28:02] Sonia recommends studying literature, plays, screenplays, and poetry, and to take improv, acting, music, and painting classes. Start with what excites you.


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