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Customer Acquisition next

Our online and mobile engagement tools attract and interact with new prospects. These tools enable businesses to identify who these prospects are, while capturing demographic data to inform and promote an improved sales-cycle. gotcha! has a number of customer-acquisition programs ready for you to take advantage of.

Case Study
Cox Bus Clear

Cox Business

Customer Acquisition


Cox Business had a major trade show they were exhibiting at and needed an engaging lead-capturing tool to attract prospects to their booth. They decided to use our digital Tag2spin™ prize wheel.


Attract more prospects and clients to their booth at a tradeshow, and build a list of pre-qualified customers.


Cox sent out a pre-show registration email encouraging people to sign up in advance, while inviting them to the Cox booth to play the game. Cox collected qualified leads in a spreadsheet they could access in real time, thanks to customers filling out registration information and an optional survey.


Cox Business attracted more people to their booth than in previous years. They acquired 250 new leads in under 2 hours and had smiling prospects who won logo'd merchandise from the spin of their prize wheel.