What are the QR codes Facts You May not Know About

By this time we all know that QR codes started in Japan and took the rest of the world more than a decade ago. But still, there are some interesting things about this QR codes that you may be interested to know. This may or may not be that informative or relevant to our daily lives but can definitely be that impressive.

The technology is license free. These are amazing news for developers and still wondering why no permit is required. Anyways, that is good news for everyone. It is said that the QR code has been designed as an ISO standard for Denso Wave, which owns the patent rights. To this very moment, they have not the exercise their rights over the patents.

QR codes were created by Toyota, based in Tokyo. Yes, the same Toyota that makes cars. Specifically, QR codes were created by a subsidiary of Toyota, and that’s where the name comes Denso Wave technology was originally created to identify the car engines.

QR Code is not as dead as some people think it is. You can adapt it, fix it, the color square and round without changing the information content of the code. That’s what some companies try to give their own QR code for a softer look. This is not a bad thing for advertising and commercial.

What a QR Code can hold. The list is long indeed, but the ability of a QR code can contain up to 7089 characters in digital form. If the content is numeric, QR Code can store up to about 4200 characters. Binary-wise, almost 3000 bytes. As previously mentioned, in most cases, getting people to use QR codes to online content “link”, but fear that you do not know, can you encode whole sentences or even your business card in the code so that people can get the scanner and “card” on their phone without having to manually do it.