QR Codes on Fruits and Vegetables

Nowadays people are getting more concern about the food they ate. A lot of people now prefer eating healthier and better food choices. Steve Nathan, a Forbes employee and an advocate of proper eating of fruits and vegetables and also a technology enthusiast have found a way to bring healthy food options into everyone’s mobile phones and personal computers thru Nutrientz.

Nutrientz, which is a non-profit organization, newly launched website. The purpose of the site is to bring together groups of individuals who is concerned about what they eat by supporting local farmers and producers. There are already plans rolled out on a social networking website- Facebook Page, a QR code marketing campaign and a site featuring some networks of farming sites.

Way back some years ago, Nathan had tried talking with the US Dept. of Agriculture, suggesting combining mobile technology with fruits and vegetables.

Nathan is also a mobile savvy, other than being an advocate of healthy eating. (Noting the wide use of QR codes and mobile internet. He wants to promote Nutrientz using a unique QR marketing and expect it to roll out in a few months time.

Nathan intended to bring the QR code into as many malls, hypermarkets and supermarkets. All the codes are unique and will help consumers make better decisions before they buy a particular fruit or vegetable.

Example of this is that when you’re buying some vegetables or fruits, you can scan the QR code and be able to know what are the benefits of the fruits or vegetable the buyer will get out of that.

It may take a little more time doing the groceries, but hey, when it comes to food and health, every seconds spent on learning/knowing what you eat it’s all worth it!