Mobile Marketing: An Overview

Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming a broadly and beneficial strategy of advertising and marketing one’s goods/merchandise and services. Companies have always depended on advertising to encourage men and women to part with their hard-earned cash in order to purchase their items or use their services; and therefore they have already been quick to consider full advantage of any new technology that already has become well-known.

In particular, mobile advertising applies to delivering commercials to a person’s mobile phone.

With respect to the Mobile Marketing Association ( they supplied this definition two years ago), “Mobile marketing is a collection of methods that permits organizations to connect and participate with their clients or market in an interactive and appropriate manner by means of any mobile device or network.” It has promptly captured on, not only between senders but also among recipients, who need only to produce a single click on the ad and find themselves at an online site where they can purchase the marketed item. (Also, with PayPal, the purchasing method has already become more streamlined.)

There are a lot of ways promoting online. Location-based services adjust the forms of commercials they send each particular recipient to fit the person’s present location.

QR Codes is one way of encoding all the data about a product in digital form. The technology came from Japan in the late 90s and has only recently begun being adopted in the US and other parts of North America. The way it functions is that the client roaming in a store finds something he wants, brings out his smartphone and scans the QR code on the product. Immediately all the data about it on the net is at his hands including reviews.

Bluetooth and proximity systems have also been used as ways for mobile phone advertising. Bluetooth has an edge of its high speed of transfer; Proximity Services sends to all consumers within a defined location. Infrared has already been tried too, but it will probably never catch on due to its short wavelength.

You can find anyone who has expressed issue that this method of advertising can be a great intrusion of privacy, because several mobile marketers usually send out details to consumers without having their particular authorization. But majority of companies is not going to deliver such unsolicited details; and also Bluetooth route is based entirely on the actual receiver’s consent.

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There are several options you can leverage immediately and even more that can be customized to fit your needs.

Some Facts:

  • Loyalty – Send your customers messages about events, new products and sneak previews.
  • Ticketing – Use QR technology to deliver secure tickets for events and purchases
  • Event Management – Combining attendee messaging, ticketing and document delivery can make your event a smashing success.
  • Loyalty – Send your customers messages about events, new products and sneak previews.
  • Emergency – Connect to your members, employees or tenants instantly in emergency situations.
  • Discounts – Mobile coupons are hot! Your customers will respond by opening their wallets when you send them offers by text.
  • Surveys – Question your market and get instant results.
  • Secure SMS – Using our software, dedicated servers and a short code, you can feel safe by having the ability to send trackable and secure messages.

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