Digital Marketing Superstitions


To celebrate Friday the 13th we’ve complied a list of our favorite digital marketing superstitions. (Because somebody out there still believes them!)

1. Your Blog is Meaningless- Many businesses have decided to ditch the blog. After all, who reads those, right? The thing about a blog is that it’s not just an add-on or afterthought to your website. Blogs drive traffic, and that means more leads. Improve your search rank by keeping an active blog.

2. It’s Best to Hide from Social Media- Social media can be akin to opening up a can of worms. Once you’re “out there” you’re also subject to criticism and ratings. Don’t be afraid of your customers. Bad reviews are the perfect way to gain new business if you’ve handled prior experiences professionally. You might have a few complaints and you might have to rectify them, but at least you understand the importance of having a social presence.

3. More is More- While there are many interactive options you can add to your website, remember that less is more. Site visitors don’t need popups, flash, and music to keep them entertained. Focus on quality content and a well-placed call to action instead.

Don’t jinx your website. You can improve your website and increase your search rank by avoiding these common digital marketing superstitions. Need some help? Contact gotcha! Mobile Solutions today.