A NYC Broker Uses QR Codes

People in Japan use QR codes to advertise everything. Even the fishes they sell have its own QR codes too. The QR code on these fishes tells the consumers where it came from and some other important details regarding its nutritional information.

Because of its wide spread use over the web around the word, a New Yorker broker thought of using it to promote his broker services and the properties he is selling.

As we all know, QR code has been in the use for quite a long time in Japan. Now it has been acting as a link of information and can contain a lot of details/data and you only need to have a smartphone and a QR code reader to scan it.

The said broker have seen a lot of advantages in using the QR Code for marketing his services and led a lot more traffic to his website. Smartphone and Android phone users/owners just simply scan the QR code and they were instantly directed to the broker’s website.

Toni Harber, the broker, plans to market his services using the QR Codes placed on T-shirts and other promotional products and if we heard it right, he plans of printing them too on his advertisements and signboards too.

A lot of brokers nowadays are acknowledging the many great uses of QR Codes. With every property listing comes a barcode. A potential buyer can simply scan the QR code to find out more information about the property. He can view videos or images before calling up the broker, saving time and money on both the buyer’s and broker’s side. Definitely a “win-win” situation.

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